Health and wellness coaching

People try health and wellness coaching for many reasons – to find effective ways to deal with life issues, tackle a bad habit, lose weight, address a relationship or situation that isn’t working, or finally realize a dream. In this journey, Empower The Truth Coaching acts your partner and guide, gently positioning you so that you can see the limitations holding you back. Health and wellness coaching provides you with the courage and support you need to build confidence, create lasting change and get the most out of life.

Dive deep to create lasting change

Life coaching can help you to deal more effectively with whatever life throws at you.

  • Get perspective on challenging situations and relationships.
  • Recognize limiting or destructive patterns.
  • Find better strategies for dealing with difficult situations and relationships.
  • Clarify your purpose, define what is most important, and take action to realize your dreams.

Empower yourself with health and wellness coaching

Working with a life coach provides valuable perspective on your experiences and goals. It’s a way to discover what’s going on under the surface, find what makes you shine, and explore how you can share that sparkle with those around you.

One-on-one coaching sessions with Empower the Truth take place in the environment most comfortable for you – in person, on the phone, or online. Sherry incorporates internationally recognized coaching techniques and gentle humour to help you uncover your strengths, limitations and goals.


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