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Making the Invisible Visible

Inspire, Imagine, Innovate! Inspire a collaborative atmosphere. Imagine the creative possibilities, Innovate courageous products, processes, and services of enduring value.

We design and deliver two-hour, half-day, and full day Co-Labs (Collaborative Laboratories) for leaders, teams, and networks to tap into, develop and practice their collaborative innovation.

Follow-up Leader + Team Coaching Packages are provided, along with Pop-up Coaching Labs.


We Specialize in developing knowledge, awareness, intention, and skill in collaborative leadership.

Our core co-labs include:
. Collaborative 2 Innovate
. Modern Mentoring Relationships
. Creative Conflict
. Inner Spark
. Power of Privilege
. Collaborative Leadership
Each co-lab:
. Takes place at your location
. Is delivered in two -hour, half day, or full day co-labs
. Develops knowledge, awareness, intention and skill
. Is highly dynamic, engaging, and fun!

Collaborative 2 Innovate Co-Labs

In our complex and rapidly changing world, organizations are increasingly required to innovate. The myth of the lone innovator has been bust. The big opportunity for organizations right now is to amplify the power of their leaders and teams to collaborate to innovate. Leaders and teams who are able to tap into the collective intelligence of their teams have more access to inspiration, ideation, imagination, ingenuity, and ultimately innovation. In our nine collaborate to innovate co labs explore and discover the collaborative innovator within and develop the ability to access and amplify collaborative innovation in teams and organizations.

  1. Innovation Myths: Incubate Collaborative Innovation Teams
  2. Innovation Edges: Cross Personal and Collective Innovation Edges
  3. Innovation Pool: Create the Emotional Space for Innovation
  4. Innovation Contagions: Infect Atmosphere and Culture with Innovation
  5. Innovation Persona: Step into the Roles of Innovation
  6. Innovation Fountain: Flow through the Process of Innovation
  7. Catch-Flirts for Inspiration
  8. Brain-Storm for Imagination
  9. Proto-Type for Innovation

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